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Fighting with unbearable heat waves and high power bills?

Meet GlaceAir

The #1 Personal and Portable Air Conditioner.

GlaceAir humidifies, purifies and chills the air down to 17°C / 63°F

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How GlaceAir works

  • 1. Add Water

    Fill the removable water tank.

  • 2. Add Power

    Connect USB cable to a power outlet or power bank.

  • 3. Enjoy

    Get the full cooling effect after the cartridge has fully absorbed the water (after about 10 minutes).

GlaceAir Features

  • Chills The Air

    Uses natural evaporative cooling effect to drop the air temperature.

  • Humidifies

    Humidifies the air creating a better working environment. Can be used as a humidifier in winter.

  • Purifies

    Filters out dust particles to increase the air quality for better breathing.

  • Universally Portable

    Can work everywhere via USB power supply.

  • Eco-Friendly

    No toxic Freon-like liquids, consumes only 10W of electricity. Uses fully biodegradable evaporative pads.

  • Stylish Design

    Elegant, compact and stylish, GlaceAir is a real design piece.

GlaceAIR conditioner ensures a conformtable and healthy environment, while using responsive care approach

GlaceAir evaporative technology is based on a unique nanomaterial used in evaporative pads. This inorganic material substance prevents bacteria spread.